Sue from Puddletown
10 February 2017

I've belonged to various gyms and booked sessions with various personal trainers over the years, but I can honestly say that Dave is the best by far. The workouts are exciting, motivating, varied (every session is different) and fun. Most importantly they are effective - Dave has a passion for ensuring that your time working out is used as efficiently as possible to give the best results fast. He is also able to give excellent up to date lifestyle and nutrition advice. I have become significantly stronger, fitter and more toned over the months that I have been training with Dave. One recent result for me was being able to wear a strappy dress to a dinner- dance with no bingo wings!!

April from Broadmayne
10 February 2017

Dave is inspiration personified! His approach and attitude to fitness and wellbeing is refreshing to say the least. I have been hugely impressed by the amount of preparation and thought he puts into my workouts - just standing next to him makes me feel motivated. I feel fitter, stronger and more mentally positive now than ever before and it’s all down to Dave.

Dave from Charlton Down
10 February 2017

I have been having personal training sessions with Dave for six months and I intend to continue. The sessions are instructive, motivational, challenging and hard work. However, above all, they are enjoyable. Dave has a friendly and outgoing personality which makes his clients feel very comfortable. I regard the weekly sessions as money well spent on my health and well-being

Steve from Dorchester
10 February 2017

Throughout my life I have always engaged and competed in a variety of sports, some to a national level, therefore I have understood the benefits that coaching and training can bring. As I now participate in sport less frequently I was keen not to become unfit and out of condition. I believe that the older you get, the more important it is to keep in shape. Like many people, I joined a fitness centre, Herrison in this instance, and followed a basic work out routine. Whilst this was okay, I wasn’t actually achieving my goals so when the opportunity arose to engage with a personal trainer, David Wall, I decided to give it a go. The results have been amazing (not a word I use often) with noticeable improvements in fitness levels and strength in a relatively short space of time. David uses a holistic approach to fitness which looks as much at your diet as it does the exercises you do. David develops a bespoke training programme to suit your needs and is very good at pushing and developing you whilst being flexible enough to make the sessions very enjoyable and fun. Actually, he is a sadist ! Only joking – I can wholeheartedly recommend his services to you. You will not be disappointed

Nigel from Charlton Down
10 February 2017

Training with Dave is always interesting and fun. He easily adapts to your needs with sessions which are well thought out, challenging and take you forward, and he has an indepth knowledge to draw on to help you achieve your goals.

Elaine from Charlton Down
10 February 2017

Dave is always very encouraging & motivating to help me with exercise & nutrition. I have lost 2 1/2 stone since starting training sessions with Dave just a few months ago and, whilst I still have a long way to go on my journey, I would never have achieved this without Dave's support. I now actually enjoy exercise - who would have thought it !!

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