Versatile sessions

Individual personal training

This one to one approach will ensure you have an individually tailored fitness session. I can give you all the time and attention needed to bring about rapid improvement. 

£40 per session*


Book 6 personal training sessions and get 25% off

ONLY £30 per session*

Paired personal training

Working out with a friend or family member can be a great way to stay motivated. Experiencing the journey together towards success. 

£30 per session*


Book 6 personal training sessions and get 33% off

ONLY £20 per session*

Group fitness classes

This will enable you to work in a friendly and supportive group. Exercising with a complete mixture of fitness levels. My classes are run at various locations in the Dorchester area.

 £10 per session*


Book 6 group fitness classes and get 50% off

ONLY £5 per session*


There will be discounts available if you're personal training more than once per week. 


*All prices are per person, and there may be a gym fee applicable


Dave Wall - Dorchester personal training

I have been having personal training sessions with Dave for six months and I intend to continue. The sessions are instructive, motivational, challenging and hard work. However, above all, they are enjoyable. Dave has a friendly and outgoing personality which makes his clients feel very comfortable. I regard the weekly sessions as money well spent on my health and well-being
Dave from Charlton Down
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