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A few of your questions answered


Am I too old to do personal training?

There is no age limit to exercise. As long as you have some mobility, you will benefit from personal training. The minimum age requirement is 16.


Am I fit enough to do personal training?

All levels of fitness are welcome. Every training method can be tailored to your current level of ability. Your personal training programme will ensure that you achieve your training goals in the most efficient and effective way. 


What are the training facilities like?

I use the Charlton Down Health and Fitness Centre which is a small, friendly gym based in Charlton Down, just outside Dorchester. You will have access to all of the latest training equipment in the beautiful setting of a converted chapel.  Changing rooms, showers and saunas are also available if you fancy relaxing after a workout.

Over what time frame should I carry out personal training?

The packages are generally sold in 6 week blocks. However the majority of clients adopt personal training as a long term solution rather than a quick fix, due to the dramatic results it brings.


Should I eat anything before the training session?

This is really a personal choice. Most do well with a light meal 2-3 hours before training and eating a high carbohydrate and protein meal immediately after working out. Nutritional advice will be included in your sessions.


What should I wear for personal training?

It is best to wear comfortable training clothes with grippy trainers. Depending on the time of year, you may want to wear your workout clothes but have some warm clothes on top which can be removed after the warm up.


What should I bring to the training session?

For you first session you will need to bring your pre training forms which will be emailed to you. For subsequent sessions please bring a note book or phone (to use as a training diary), water, and post workout snack (e.g banana).

How many times as week should I train?

This is a personal choice. I have found the ideal volume is 3-4 intense sessions per week. These sessions can be done through a combination of personal training, fitness classes or by yourself. However even one personal training session per week will bring about improvement.


What is the basic structure of each personal training session?

Each session begins with a gentle warm up. This is followed by some strength work using compound, functional movements. There will also be a conditioning element, which is a fun and faced past workout to burn fat. You will finish off with a gentle cool down.


Will lifting weights make me too muscular?

This is usually a concern voiced by ladies and endurance athletes. However I can use methods that will give you a functional strength and great muscle tone without the muscle bulk (unless you actually want that!).


Can we train outside?

I generally use the grounds around the gym during the summer months for outdoor training sessions. My fitness classes in the Dorchester area often take place outdoors weather permitting.


Can I train if I'm pregnant?

Yes. I've had great success with adapting my training methods to best serve women during pregnancy. Exercise and mobility play a crucial role in pregnancy and child birth.


Can I do personal training with friends, colleagues or family members?

Yes. Please see the website's "Packages" section for more details or alternatively please send me a message.

What happens if I need to cancel the training session?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you give less than 24 hours' notice of cancelling a personal training session you will be charged.


What happens if I don't feel well enough for the training session?

You don't always have to cancel. If the reason is an injury (e.g strained neck muscle), the session will be treated as a rehabilitation session which will bring improvement. If you're not well enough to train but are happy to spend the time devising a nutrition plan, this can also be arranged. However if you do want to cancel and give more than 24 hours notice, your session can be moved to another date or you can be refunded.



Dave Wall - Dorchester personal training


Throughout my life I have always engaged and competed in a variety of sports, some to a national level, therefore I have understood the benefits that coaching and training can bring. As I now participate in sport less frequently I was keen not to become unfit and out of condition. I believe that the older you get, the more important it is to keep in shape. Like many people, I joined a fitness centre, Herrison in this instance, and followed a basic work out routine. Whilst this was okay, I wasn’t actually achieving my goals so when the opportunity arose to engage with a personal trainer, David Wall, I decided to give it a go. The results have been amazing (not a word I use often) with noticeable improvements in fitness levels and strength in a relatively short space of time. David uses a holistic approach to fitness which looks as much at your diet as it does the exercises you do. David develops a bespoke training programme to suit your needs and is very good at pushing and developing you whilst being flexible enough to make the sessions very enjoyable and fun. Actually, he is a sadist ! Only joking – I can wholeheartedly recommend his services to you. You will not be disappointed
Steve from Dorchester
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