Workout of the Week beginning 09.10.17
8 October 2017

Here is a sneak peek at the workout for Dorchester based personal training sessions for the week beginning 9th October. If you missed last week, you can find the session details here.



Workout 1


Warm up 
500 skips 
Band work ( band pull aparts and under and over) 
Banded hamstring curl (seated) 
3 x 8 incline chest press 
4 x 10 push ups 
The circuit 1min - 45 sec stations 
Banded runs/ db clean 
Battle ropes / rack deadlift 
Ab cycles 
10 back ext 
10 seated row 
2 rds 
Mobility /breathing wind down 
Pull up hang
Workout 2
Warm up 
500 skips 
Hip flexor, butterfly, Calf stretch
3 rm Zercher box squat 
20 rep Zercher Finisher 
The circuit  1min - 45 sec stations 
Bag push 
Rear elevated Split squats 
Farmers Zercher a walk 
50 walking lunges 
Mobility/ breathing wind down 
Pull up hang 
Foam roll 
Dorset personal trainer - Dave Wall -
13 February 2014
6 February 2014
19 February 2012
19 February 2012
I've belonged to various gyms and booked sessions with various personal trainers over the years, but I can honestly say that Dave is the best by far. The workouts are exciting, motivating, varied (every session is different) and fun. Most importantly they are effective - Dave has a passion for ensuring that your time working out is used as efficiently as possible to give the best results fast. He is also able to give excellent up to date lifestyle and nutrition advice. I have become significantly stronger, fitter and more toned over the months that I have been training with Dave. One recent result for me was being able to wear a strappy dress to a dinner- dance with no bingo wings!!
Sue from Puddletown
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