Workout of the Week beginning 25.09.17
23 September 2017

Here is a sneak peek at the workout for Dorchester based personal training sessions for the week beginning 25th September. If you missed last week, you can find the session details here.



Workout 1 

Warm up 

500 skips 

Hip flexor, butterfly, Calf stretch


Ab session 

Captains chair 12 rep (weighted) 

Cycle crunch to failure 

Ab wheel/Deadbug to failure 


6 rds 



30 seconds double stair steps 

30 seconds hard row 

Repeat with 

1min. 1.30 and 2 minute sets 



100 banded air squats 


Mobility/ breathing wind down 

Pull up hang 

Foam roll 



Workout 2


Warm up 

500 skips 

60 band pull aparts 

30 under and over

60 facepull

15 Wall angels



3 x 3 single arm Kneeling - Landmine press 



15 Db Z press 

1min Battle ropes/ ball slams 

4 rds 



Skipping Max rep attempt  


Mobility /breathing wind down 

Pull up hang 



Dorset personal trainer - Dave Wall -

13 February 2014
6 February 2014
19 February 2012
19 February 2012
Dave is inspiration personified! His approach and attitude to fitness and wellbeing is refreshing to say the least. I have been hugely impressed by the amount of preparation and thought he puts into my workouts - just standing next to him makes me feel motivated. I feel fitter, stronger and more mentally positive now than ever before and it’s all down to Dave.
April from Broadmayne
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