Dave Wall - Personal trainer

Hi, I'm Dave Wall

I became a Premier qualified personal trainer in 2010 after moving to Dorchester.
Health and Fitness has always been a way of life for me.  I enjoy experimenting on myself with the latest training concepts involving powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastic movements and conditioning work. This way I can use the optimal methods to fast track my Dorchester based personal training clients to their success. It's extremely rewarding. 
Before moving to Dorchester I used to be a competitive 800m runner, which was a buzz. Then I found crossfit which is even better. 
Using the crossfit approach I carry out my personal training to enable clients to tackle any physical challenge life throws at them. The aim is to cultivate a broad, versatile level of health and fitness...  Getting the body you want thrown in for free! 
The reason I decided to become a personal trainer in Dorchester was ultimately because I love teaching and I love people and I love this area. Its amazing to think that everyday I'm investing my knowledge into my clients and that it transforms them. They too start to see fitness as a way of life. 



  • Diploma in Personal Trainer and Gym Instruction with Premier Training
  • Qualified CrossFit level 2 trainer
  • CrossFit powerlifter trainer 
  • Kettlebell qualified 
  • Core stability qualified
  • Representative for Cornwall in national athletics and cross country events for over five years
  • BTEC National Diploma in Sport and Fitness
  • Emergency first aid trained



Dave Wall - Dorchester personal training

Dave is inspiration personified! His approach and attitude to fitness and wellbeing is refreshing to say the least. I have been hugely impressed by the amount of preparation and thought he puts into my workouts - just standing next to him makes me feel motivated. I feel fitter, stronger and more mentally positive now than ever before and it’s all down to Dave.
April from Broadmayne
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